American Experience - Season 33 Episode 6

A series showcasing documentaries on American history.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Henry Hampton , Stephen Fitzmeyer

Country: USA

Episode: 6/17 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1988

IMDb: 8.4

Season 29 - American Experience
"Meet Nikola Tesla, the genius engineer and tireless inventor whose technology revolutionized the electrical age of the 20th century. Although eclipsed in fame by Edison and Marconi, it was Tesla's vision that paved the way for today's wireless world. His fertile but undisciplined imagination was the source of his genius but also his downfall, as the image of Tesla as a mad scientist came to overshadow his reputation as a brilliant innovator."
"The harrowing 1950 Korean War battle at Chosin Reservoir, in which a surprise attack by 120,000 Chinese troops led to far-outnumbered UN forces being surrounded, is recalled. Veterans of the brutal 17-day engagement share their memories of the conflict, which occurred during subarctic temperatures."
"An account of an incident at a Titan II missile complex in Damascus, Ark., in 1980 that almost caused the explosion of a ballistic missile carrying a nuclear warhead 600 times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. The near-calamity was kicked off when a socket fell from the wrench of an airman performing maintenance in a Titan II silo and punctured the missile, releasing a stream of highly explosive rocket fuel."
"She set out to save a An intimate portrait of the woman whose groundbreaking books revolutionized our relationship to the natural world."
"The dramatic story of the country's first subway."
"On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh, a former soldier deeply influenced by literature and ideas of the radical right, killed 168, and injured 675 others."
"A riveting account of the event that helped give rise to the modern American militia movement."
"Part 1 of 3. President Woodrow Wilson vowed to keep the U.S. out of World War I after hostilities erupted in Europe in August 1914. It was a promise he kept until 1917, when the Germans resumed \"unrestricted submarine warfare\"\u2014 a policy it had started and then stopped in 1915 \u2014 and began sinking U.S. ships. An intercepted telegram also showed Germany trying to convince Japan and Mexico to declare war on America."
"Part 2 of 3. America's entry into World War I is recalled, including the breathtaking speed of mobilization and the profound transformations required for America to play a central role in the conflict."
"Part 3 of 3. In the fall of 1918: a major American offensive that could bring a swift end to the war, a lost U.S. battalion surrounded by German forces, a deadly flu epidemic on the homefront."
Season 30 - American Experience
"Explore the story behind the first terrorist attack in the U.S., a mostly-forgotten 1920 bombing in the nation\u2019s financial center that left 38 dead \u2013 a crime that remains unsolved today."
Season 33 - American Experience
11 Jan 2021
"The work of Elizebeth Smith Friedman, America's first female cryptanalyst, brings down Al Capone, breaks up a Nazi spy ring in South America, and lays the foundation for the National Security Agency (NSA)."
"No description"
30 Mar 2021
"The Blinding of Isaac Woodard: How a horrific incident of racial violence became a powerful catalyst for the civil rights movement. In 1946, Isaac Woodard, a Black army sergeant on his way ..."
19 Apr 2021
"The life of author L. Frank Baum, creator of the classic novel \"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,\" which has inspired films, books and musicals."
17 May 2021